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“I find Katie's classes a perfect combination of relaxing and challenging. Every class has a lovely flow to it and I always know what to do because Katie's instructions are clear, thorough and each movement is explained at exactly the right time. I am always so pleased with how I feel afterwards!”

Laura, Publisher


“I've had a few Pilates teachers, all of whom have been very good to excellent. However, Katie's teaching is something else. It's more than knowing her stuff and being able to teach it. It's her ability to anticipate (and so address) everything I'm about to do. She sets a straight and interesting path, and helps us walk every foot of it. I'm a massive fan.”

Dave - writer


“I never really understood Pilates. A room full of people barely moving? What am supposed to be doing? Then a friend recommend I go to Katie’s class and now I totally get it. I have been going to her classes for quite a few years, initially with back pain pre pregnancy and then post pregnancy. The results were amazing for me. Katie’s teaching style is unique - her instruction and knowledge are so intuitive and easy to follow. And I would wholeheartedly say she’s the best Pilates teacher. Whenever anyone mentions Pilates I always say, Have you been to Katie’s classes...?!”

Tash - Photographer


“I started attending Katie's classes after having had my daughter, which resulted in me experiencing back pain. I remember feeling a bit nervous for my first session, but Katie was super welcoming. She spent time with me in advance of the class to understand some of the pain issues I had, and showed me how to adjust the different exercises throughout the class to make sure that my back was supported in the right way. Well over a year later, and I still attend Katie's classes. Katie changes the exercises every week to keep things interesting, and takes the time to check our individual technique with every single exercise to make sure we're on point. I'd highly recommend (and have done!) Katie's classes to anyone who wants to build strength, help manage pain or just wants to create some space for personal wellbeing in a busy week.”

Louise, Brighton


“Katie has a lovely approach to teaching Pilates: she's inclusive, attentive and creates a warm atmosphere. The classes are well structured and she offers individualised challenge and support throughout. I highly recommend Katie's classes! Thanks.”

Tam - Headteacher


“I have been coming to Pilates with Katie for the past seven years. Her classes are always varied and each student is treated as an individual, she offers regular suggestions to each of us on how we can improve our practice and get the most of her session. Her teaching methods are full of enthusiasm and positivity. I regularly leave the class feeling amazing and always in a better than when I arrived.”

Geraldine O'Sullivan


“I have felt a real and almost immediate benefit from Katie's pilates classes. She has expertly guided us from being beginners to confidence. I have felt a great improvement in my flexibility and former aches and stiffness have reduced considerably. I would highly recommend Katie for her sympathetic approach and individual attention - this is the first pilates class where I actually understand what I am supposed to be doing!”

Amanda, Health and well being Coordinator


“Katie's classes are a wonderful combination of her calm teaching style and her dynamic enthusiasm. She always spots when I am off kilter and gently puts me where I need to be! Thank you!"

Ruth. Osteopath: Lewes River Clinic


“Pilates with Katie feels safe and effective, it has made a huge difference to my back and posture. I am delighted to have found her and to be able to refer my clients to her for follow up care."

Michaela, Osteopath: Lewes River Clinic


“Katie's pilates classes have been a revelation, a chance to stretch muscles and joints in ways I never thought I could. She is a great teacher and offers just the right balance of gentle encouragement and admonishment. The hour-long lessons fly by."


Mark S, Journalist


“After suffering years of lower back pain a doctor recommend trying Pilates. Fortunately the first class I found was with Katie. The combination of her extensive knowledge, patience and commitment shown to each small friendly class has had a massive impact on my posture and mobility. I have been told that success in Pilates comes from good teaching, and for this reason I would recommend Katie's class to the seasoned student as well as beginner.”

Mark G, furniture Designer

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